The Studio

The capabilities of the studio are extremely varied. In my professional work as a sculptor, I am engaged in many processes, which is an extension of my background as a carpenter, woodworker and builder. Also reflected in in the resources of the studio is my background as the son of a modernist sculptor. I grew up in the studio of Bill Thompson, and he was engaged in carving, casting and modeling, and so I have those types of tools and equipment. It is noteworthy that most of what I know about traditional sculptural processes, I learned from him.

Broadly speaking, I have the ability to do welded steel sculpture, fabricated wood pieces, assemblages, stone and wood carving, and cast bronze. In the bronze casting area, I am using ceramic shell mold-making, and am pouring a small crucible, (#16) which has a 65 lb. capacity. In the stone carving area, I use both hand and pneumatic tools.

My intentions for the studio are twofold. I have collected and purchased the tools, equipment and facilities over many years so that I can pursue my own sculptural vision, which is of great importance to me. But in my role as a teacher and artist, I have seen that creative endeavor builds health into community, and so I see my studio as an extension of my contribution to the creative community of Greenville and South Carolina and the greater region. Facilitating the artistic work of others has been a great joy in my life.